Yet Another NewTab as Notes. NewTab as Markdown NotePad with Your Favorite Background Image. (Google Chrome Extension)

NewTab can be a notepad with your favorite image.

YANTAN replaces new tab of your Google Chrome. It provides a notepad which is possible to be written in Markdown, and you can put your favorite image on background. The notepad is optimized for markdown means can be task list as well.

Markdown is one of the best syntax.

Markdown is a one of the best option to write a note. It is realy easy to make a structural document, and quick to make a task list as well.

YOUR favorite images.

A lot of popular new tab extentsions use beautiful background from somewhere like Flickr, or 500px and so on. However, BEAUTIFUL does not always means FAVORITE. That's why YANTAN accept to show your local images.

Favorite Image with preferences

In the bottom right, there is a 'preferences' button. Then, you can change preferences as you like. Also you can put your favorite images.

Image filter and Font setting

In preferences, you can adjust image filter. You do not have to any software to edit photos. Of course you can change font color as well.

Take a note in Markdown

Just click center of main side, it shows you a textarea. Then you can take a note in Markdown. It is possible to use tasklist syntax, means it is not only note, it can be to-do list as well.