An app for task shooting. Helps keeping focus with time and todo management.

One of the best way to shoot your tasks

Trying to control mind is the worst solution. Make a system and run it instead.

Pentazemin is not just a ToDo app. This is more like an app for time management. There are a lot of ToDo apps and timer apps for Pomodoro Technique as well. Pentazemin is the app combined ToDo management with Pomodoro Technique. First, set your all tasks to do for the day. Then just follow it, do it, and repeat!

Problems of ordinary ToDo app
  1. Hard to estimate, because size of each tasks is not constant
  2. Easy to postpone tasks you do not want to do
  3. Not clear the progress and the time to finish
Problems of ordinary Pomodoro timer app
  1. Need to control something every time of Pomodoro finished
  2. Not strong enough to keep concentration
  3. Not fanctional ennough for potential of Pomodoro Technique
Point 1.
A shortest term is fixed 25 minuts

Easy to estimate each tasks. Even if A task is big, just think like 'How many Pomodoroed to do this task?' Easy to recognize unclear tasks. If the count of Pomodoros are too many for one task, which means the tasks should be crushed smaller some tasks.

Point 2.
Starts next task automaticaly without any control

If the app need any touching to control when move to next task, it make you easy to lose your concentration and pace. That is the reason why starts timer automatically not to disturb.

Point 3.
Indicates progress and the time to finish

To know the time to finish all tasks, it gives you motivation. And also it is useful when you set tasks to make a balance of quantity.

Time Management in Menubar

It gives you stable focus to shoot your tasks. A term is 25 minutes (as default), then you just do 1 by 1 with your concentration.

Extra mission

Sometime need to do task can not be schema of pomodoro. You can add a task as an Extra mission. Possible to decide minutes as you like. Useful for meeings, lunch break, and so on.

Aiming only one target

Once you start to do your tasks, Too much information disturb your concentration. Aiming mode of Pentazemin display only current task and next task. And also you can see the time of finish all.

Archiving for analyze

When you archive your tasks done, you can see them in Analyze mode. Then you know like what you have done at previous day, and how is the balance of your tasks.

How to use
Step 1
Create Missions

In Pentazemin, Task is named 'Mission', Pomodoro means a duration of minimum term. A Mission has a pomodoro or more, just think like 'How many pomodoros does this mission need?' Then, set your all tasks that you want to do this day.

Step 2
Change Aiming mode

In Aiming mode, you can see

  • What are the current mission and the next.
  • When I finish all my tasks (which meas when can I leave my office).
  • How many Pomodoros remaining, and you have done.
Step 3
Shoot your tasks

The timer runs automatically. You just do tasks is inidicated or take a break. You can finish all your task at the tiem you were imagined, unless you stop the timer by yourself.

Step 4
Archive and Analyze

If you archive at the beggeing of next day, the complete tasks move from list to analyze mode. You can check how was the previous day.Then, back to step 1 to start your new day.

Users Voice

This is the what I always wanted!

Aqui Tsuchida


(I can finish all, I just do tasks in front of me.)

Aqui Tsuchida

Es como mi amigo para trabajo.

(This is my friend for work.)

Aqui Tsuchida

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